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 As some of you may be aware, I have not been blogging now for about 7 months and have only written a few posts even in the last year. I can't explain why; I just don't feel like writing blog posts. But, there is a lot of material on this blog that people use for classes and for building classes. So, I thought I would make a TOC as the final (and automatically visible post) of resource housed on this blog and some of the most frequently used posts, along with links or citations to published versions of some of the material.  If you are looking for the posts on the disciplinary debates arounds Classics, use the sidebar navigation.


General Pedagogy and Scholarship: "An Ethnics of Citation" (August 2020); written with Maximus Planudes on why and how to cite scholars and when it is actually ok to not cite someone. 

Ancient Identities/Race and Ethnicity Teaching Resources

Blog Posts and References for "Western Civilization"

Blog Posts on Race, Ethnicity, Identity, Black Classicisms, and White Supremacism

Blog Posts on Women and Gender Issues

US Politics