Podcasts and Interviews

Interview with Itinera Podcast on how I became a classicist, being a first gen in academia, and issues of race/ethnicity in the ancient world.

Interviewed for Classics Confidential Shorts! with Elton Barker of Open University on my book in progress on race and ethnicity and classics.

Special Guest Episode on The History of Ancient Greece podcast discussing Race and Ethnicity in antiquity, Oct. 2018.

A Day in the Life of a Classicist and Museum Director (@ Society for Classical Studies Blog).

"Race and Racism in Ancient and Medieval Studies, Part 1: The Problem" @ The Endless Knot podcast by Mark Sundaram & Avven McMaster

"Race and Racism in Ancient and Medieval Studies, Part 2: The Response" @ The Endless Knot podcast by Mark Sundaram & Avven McMaster

Recent and Upcoming Conferences and Talks

Onassis Lectures at CANE Summer Institute, July 19-13, 2019 (Lecture 1, posted here. Lectures 2 & 3 will be posted soon). 

"Does Experience of Foreignness Lead to Openness to Foreigners?" FIEC-CA (15th Congress of the Fédération internationale des associations d'études classiques and the Classical Association) July 7, 2019.

"Race and Environment from Hippocrates to the Smithsonian Institute" at Wesleyan University, April 11, 2019.

"Fear of Immigrant Women: What Can Ancient Athens Tell Us About the Current Debates?" at University of Kentucky. April 4, 2019.

"Is there a 'Race' or 'Ethnicity' in Greco-Roman Antiquity" at the Elizabeth C. Clarke Center for Late Ancient Studies at Duke University March 29, 2019. (posted here).

 "Fear of Immigrant Women: What Can Ancient Athens Tell Us About the Current Debates?" at the 4th annual Bucknell Diversity Summit. March 27, 2019

"Suppliants at the Dionysia: Embracing Refugees in an Anti-Immigrant Athens” CUNY Grad Center (March 15) and Boston University (March 23) 2019.

“'Western Civilization’ and the Whitewashing of the Multiethnic Ancient Mediterranean” at Theodore B. Guérard Lecture Series, Classical Charleston: “Diversifying Classics.” College of Charleston. With Nandini Pandey, Arum Park, and James Newhard. Available on YouTube. Feb 28-Mar 1, 2019.

"West is Best? "Western Civilization", White Supremacy, and Classics in Popular Media"at Authority in creating contemporary narratives about the Classics, Feb 21-22. Newcastle University, UK.

"Strategies of Disenfranchisement: 'Citizen Women, Fatherless Children, and the precarity of inheritance in Attic Oratory" at Université de Strasbourg, Nov 12, 2018.

"Creating an Inclusive Classics Curriculum" Workshop. August 7-9. At the invitation of Gustavus Adolphus, MN.

"The Rewards Outweigh the Risks: Advocating for Public Scholarship in an Era of White Supremacy" at the Classical Association of Canada Annual Meeting, May 8 2018.  Panel Information.

"White Supremacists Respect Classical Scholarship…If It Was Written Before the 1970s" @ CAMWS Annual Meeting, April 2018

"'I Don't See Race and Other Lies Historians Tell Ourselves" Provocation shared @ Racing the Classics. Princeton University, March 2018.

Panel Organizer and Presider: “Harassment and Academia: Old Battles and New Frontiers” @ SCS, Jan 2018

"Creation and Implementation of Anti-harassment Policy at the University Level" for “Resist Together: A Practical Guide to Combating Harassment in Classics”  @ SCS Jan 2018