The Parthenon

Yesterday I got lucky and crashed the site visit to the Parthenon with the Sumer Session students at the school. Luckily, one of the students quit the program during the first week (crazy, I know!) and so they had an extra spot. IT was pretty cool and I took over 60 pictures. I also got some shots of the rest of the Acropolis, but I will upload those later when I go back. We also arrived in Archaia Korinthos to join the Kenchreai excavation team for the week. I'll have to post the pics of the town and such later because there is just too much. 

The east entrance.
The west entrance.

Southeast corner.

Inside from the east entrance.

The north side restoration.

One partially restored and one melted interior columns on the east entrance.

View of the Erechtheion from inside the Parthenon.

Original bronze hook used to hang Persian shields dedicated by Alexander after the battle of Granicus.

Up close of melted marble.

Sculpture in the east pediment.

Metope on the east entrance with remnants of the Nero inscription below (the dots).

Today we are going to a site near Achaia Korinthos. I'll update later.