Another Day in Athens

I have mostly been recovering from jet lag and working in the library, but I did get a chance to walk around a little bit in Kolonaki. Also, due to a minor miscommunication, I have been moved to a different room--an apartment. It is big and has its own bathroom and AC, though I will confine myself to the bedroom/bathroom as much as possible so they have less cleaning to do tomorrow when I leave. Here's a looksy:

A small church.

A statue of some sort. I don't know what it is made of, but it looks a bit like a bush. Except much larger:

See, it is almost as big as a building.

These are the carvings on the side of the building.

I got this little tasty breakfast treat this morning. Bread filled with cheese and ham. I also got a fresh squeezed OJ. So good.

This is the entry to the new room.

The bedroom is spacious and charming.

This is the office (which I won't use).

A living room (note the tiny tiny TV).

And a little kitchen and dining area. I will also avoid using this.

If I come for a month or so at any point, this will be a great place to stay. When I come back in the spring, though, I'll probably just ask for a room with a private bath. 2 weeks is a long time to share a bathroom with others. 

Tomorrow, if Rome does not go on strike, Max will meet me here and we will take a train to Kenchreai. If Rome does go on strike and he can't get here, I may be able to stay at the School another night (though not in this apartment!) if he can make it here on Saturday. We'll see. I would hate to take the train across Greece all by myself. Where's the fun in that?